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5.2.2 Independent Visitors

Wirral Council has a duty to appoint a person to be a child’s Independent Visitor where it appears to be in the child’s best interest to do so. The Social Worker should consider the appointment of an independent visitor as part of the development of the Care Plan for the child or as part of a review of the child’s case.

The role of the Independent Visitor is to visit, advise and befriend the child. They are regarded as independent of Wirral Council and their functions will vary according to the needs and wishes of the individual child. In some cases the Independent Visitor will be involved in meetings or consultation processes, either as a legal requirement or on a discretionary basis.

The Social Worker should arrange for an introductory meeting to take place so that the child/ young person can decide whether he/ she wishes the appointment to be made.

Any decision not to appoint an Independent Visitor should be kept under review to make sure that the opportunity to appoint such a person is considered if the child’s circumstances change. The child’s wishes and feelings should be ascertained and the Social Workers should not appoint an Independent Visitor if the child objects, providing the child has sufficient understanding to make an informed decision.

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