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September 2017

Updated Chapters
Name of Chapter Details
Private Fostering An amendment has been made to add a point of clarity with respect of children under 16 years who spend more than two weeks at school in holiday time. (See Section 4, A Child is Not Privately Fostered).
Short Breaks (Overnight) This chapter has been updated to add a link to The Children’s Society, Friendship For All - Increasing friendship in the lives of children (see Relevant Guidance).
Children's Homes Regulation 44 Visits Guidance and Procedures This chapter has been updated in line with The Children’s Homes (England) Regulations 2015. Links to the Quality Standards have been added.
Personal Care and Relationships This chapter has been updated by adding the DfE definition for Child Sexual Exploitation and a link to the DfE Child sexual exploitation: definition and guide for practitioners (2017). (See Section 10, Sexual Exploitation).
Child Trust Funds and Junior Individual Savings Accounts for Looked After Children This chapter has been updated to highlight that up to £4128 pa can be saved in a Junior ISA. (See Section 1.4, Can Additional Payments be Made?).
Safe Caring Policy Guidance This chapter has been amended to note the changes in the Rules around the use of booster seats and babies who now need to stay in rear facing seats until 15 months. (There has been a change to the technical standards of booster seats and cushions for manufacturers from 9 February but this does not affect existing models of booster seats and cushions). (See Section 11, Travelling by car).
Scheme of Delegation This chapter has been updated to reflect current roles and responsibilities.
Contacts This chapter has been updated.
New Chapters and Features
Name of Chapter Details
Performance Management and Quality Assurance Framework This chapter replaces the previous ‘Quality Assurance Framework’ and ‘Performance Management Framework’ chapters and builds on them to bring these together as a single approach to: understand how well the service is doing; evaluate the impact on outcomes and to enable Wirral to learn and develop its service for children. It is at the heart of providing the best possible services to children and their families in Wirral. The chapter identifies key processes and actions and provides relevant tools in the Appendices to provide additional information.
Deleted Chapters
  • Quality Assurance Framework.

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